PESN 2022 conference papers

On 21 January 2022, we will be holding our inaugural PESN conference. It will take place online (on Zoom) from 2-5pm. To ensure maximum time is available for questions, answers and discussion, this conference will be based on a flipped webinar format.

Please find links to the blog posts/papers from those presenting at the PESN 2022 conference. Each presenter/group of presenters will have 5 minutes to introduce their paper and then 15 minutes to answer questions/for further discussion. We invite you to post questions at the bottom of each blog post, so that presenters have time to prepare their response in advance of the conference.

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Conference agenda:

2.15-2.35Neetha Joy“The Advantage of Disadvantage” – A study about lived experiences of disabled teachers.
2.35-2.55Jo Billington“I liked school, but school didn’t like me”: reflections on the autistic mainstream primary school experience. 
(NB this blog post is password protected due to the content being pre-publication. Attendees of the PESN conference will receive the password but are asked not to share the content)
2.55-3.15Una LodgeTopic: exploring the construction of ‘disadvantage’ within English secondary schools.
3.45-4.05Dr Julie Ovington, Dr Jo Albin-Clark, Louise Hawxwell, Liz Latto  ‘Matter matters’: Knowledge-ing with kin through collective storytelling.
4.05-4.25Juliette Bertoldo‘Why is death valuable to think about for education?’: reintegrating death within life for navigating vulnerable times.
4.25-4.45Daniel Adamson‘Textbook portrayals of Britain and the Holocaust.’